Lately I’ve relapse… Not into dugs, drinking, etc. but back into a horrible habit, horrible feelings, and horrible living. I was doing perfectly fine being alone because at that point I wasn’t FEELING alone. I enjoy meeting new people don’t get me wrong, but keeping them is some what different. And I enjoy having the people I have now in my life, don’t think that I ever regret meeting any of you. I love being alone because there was no attachment to anyone else’s life but my own. Of course I stuck around in anyone’s worse times, but i had joy not having anyone around mine, unless I came to you. I had the most joy just having people around my happy moments. I believe that we remember and treasure happy moments. We don’t remember the dates on where our friends have cried or has been in a bad mood. I feel like this rant is now useless. So ehhhhh keep scrolling~ have a good day ^_^

"Not everyone you lose is a loss."

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